Building the financial gaming layer of the internet


Our mission is to make web3 more fun by building games for crypto natives.

We believe that product market fit for blockchain and games is found by fully embracing the financial properties of blockchain, and appealing to players who enjoy games of risk and reward.

Put differently, we are building an ecosystem of games where money is part of the fun.


<aside> 👋 Welcome to our jobs page. At Uncharted, we are serving a rising generation of gamers who live, play and earn through financial games.

Here’s our current openings

💪 Marketing Lead

🕹 Game Designer

🛠 Product Manager

p/s Know someone who would be a good fit? We’re giving away 3K for every successful referral. DM us on X at @gguncharted!



Values are important because they help define what behaviours we reward and incentivise. Uncharted has 3 core values:

  1. Better than yesterday: We seek constantly learning, growth & improvement
  2. We take ownership: We take responsibility and have a bias for action
  3. Truth seekers: We communicate with honesty and best intentions

Meet the Founders